How to Tongue Kiss

Kissing your partner with tongue, or the French kiss, is one of the most romantic and at the same time natural experiences that you can have in your life. To know how to kiss with tongue, enjoy that kiss and that your partner feels the same, we recommend you read our article. You don’t really need to think about it much to get tight, but we’ll give you some tips so you can feel more confident, relax and enjoy the moment. The so-called “French kiss” or tongue kiss is one of the most intense and pleasant, so learning how to kiss with tongue is something essential in the couple to the couple. This type of kiss implies a very passionate contact and is the type of kiss that follows conventional kisses, less passionate and indicates a tendency to approach the sexual type.

Instructions for tongue kissing

  1. When you go to kiss with tongue you must go calmly, step by step.
  2. You must feel relaxed, that your partner feels that it is something natural and not that you feel stressed.
  3. The kiss with tongue is an expression of affection, love, desire, so you must be convinced that this is what you feel for your partner while she feels the same for you.
  4. Going slowly also helps to make things more exciting for both of you, because the calm to enjoy each little touch between your lips makes the whole experience more seductive.
  5. You can start with some kisses with closed lips, and then open them little by little with each new kiss. You can look your partner in the eye from time to time, and smile as a way of saying how much you enjoy even those little kisses.
  6. The correct way to do this is to start with a normal kiss, gradually increasing in depth.
  7. Then caress her lips with the tip of your tongue and wait for her response, you should know that your partner wants it too.
  8. The next step is to introduce your tongue into her mouth gently while you explore her, caress her tongue with yours and play with her.
  9. There is no single style for tongue kissing, think that this type of kiss is about caresses similar to those you would do with your hands.
  10. You need to find out what kind of caresses your partner prefers, and for that it is important to always pay attention to their reactions instead of continuing to kiss them impatiently.
  11. At first try just the tip of their tongues, barely touching, but as they get more confident, they can even use their middle part. The contact will occur naturally when both tongues intertwine, or when you respond to the caresses of his tongue by sucking lightly with your lips.

What do you need to kiss with tongue?

  • A person you are attracted to.
  • A place and a moment of intimacy.

Tips for tongue kissing

  • Take care of your breath and your lips. The kiss can be spoiled if you forgot to brush your teeth thoroughly or if you have bad breath.
  • Try to make the kiss moist but not excessively so it is better that before giving a kiss with the tongue you swallow saliva.

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