How to Use a Love Calculator

There are many love calculators on the Internet that are quite commonly used, but how to use a love calculator? Well, it depends on the love calculator that we decide to use on the Internet and the formula that they use.

In matters of love and relationship, we all know how important it is to have our own intuition, much more important than a random calculation. But it is clear that sometimes, if only out of curiosity, we want to know how to use a love calculator to see what results we get.

Many people have doubts about how to use a love calculator and, in turn, how these types of calculators really work. The work and methodology used by a love calculator varies depending on the parameters they use to perform their calculations.

These calculations can be based on both astrology and numerology, accompanied by the combination of the names of the people who are part of the couple. It is logical to think or doubt that it is a true love calculator, especially when we do it on the Internet, but that is why we must give weight and importance to the results it has.

There are many calculators that we can find on the Internet and that use different parameters. So that we can get a certain amount of different aspects of our couple and, based on those percentages, give us an analysis of the love that exists between the people of the couple.

If you are really wondering how to use a love calculator, you should know that in order to understand its results, it is also necessary to assume that it is a way to receive a percentage of the compatibility that exists between you and your partner. Just as it would be to ask, for example, how people kiss according to their zodiac sign.

Many of us will have used magazines of a youth nature to carry out the different tests that come within them. In this case, we can also find a compatibility test but it is different from a love calculator.

The main difference is that love calculators use formulas with certain algorithms from which to obtain results based on the data that we provide at the time. If we only carry out a compatibility test in a magazine, we will be able to measure different rapports in the couple according to different situations.

We can find different types of love calculators and, although they all work in the same way, the data that we will need to include will be different. We can find calculators that only need our name and that of our partner.

On the other hand, we can find love calculators that ask us, apart from our full names, our surnames. They can also ask us for our zodiac signs or dates of birth.

But something that they will never ask us for will be our ID or telephone number, for example. That is why we must be careful with the love calculators that we decide to use, since we may find a scam under cover and not realize it.

Never take the results of these love calculators absolutely seriously, that is, that they do not influence the couple’s decisions that we are going to make. Use your common sense to make your own decisions and distinguish that love calculators are a mere platform based on technology.

Perhaps the results are not what you expect and you become discouraged, but you should not allow it since emotions go beyond the calculators of love. We can use them as a fun tool with our partners and friends, as a pretext for a compatibility test that allows you to find out more about your partner, etc.

Love is about a vital experience that consists of living a life full of commitments and other principles and qualities that we believe are important, and not calculating. Love calculators can never help us measure the love we feel for our partner or that our partner feels for us or us.

If our relationship is a trial, we are the only judge who can decide how our emotions are and how to improve our relationship. There are aspects in the relationship that are influenced by our personality, the life we ​​have lived, past relationships, etc., and there is no online love calculator that can calculate that.

One thing is that it is a calculator that can give us a more or less correct percentage and another that influences us 100% in our relationship, that is, if we carry out a test with one of these calculators and it says that our level of loyalty is 0%, does not mean that there is no loyalty in our partner.

What do you need to use a love calculator?

  • A computer or a mobile phone from which we can access the Internet and use a love calculator.
  • Internet connection.
  • Use any type of Internet search engine to find the love calculator that best suits the results you want to achieve.
  • Fill in all the fields that the love calculator asks for.
  • Have the data requested by the love calculator: full name, surnames, date of birth, etc.

Instructions to use a love calculator

  1. Open your favorite Internet search engine and find the love calculator that you like the most.
  2. Once we have our calculator, we must fill in the fields that the love calculator asks us to calculate our compatibility percentage.
  3. There are different love calculators, but all try above all to take into account the important details of the fields that we fill in to reach a conclusion in the form of a percentage.
  4. In some calculators we will have to add only the name of each person who is part of the couple.
  5. In others we will have to add the zodiac sign of each one, in addition to their name and surname.
  6. We will also find love calculators in which we can use the dates of birth of both to achieve greater precision.
  7. Once we finish filling in all the fields that the love calculator asks us for, we will find a button at the end that usually puts the expression “Calculate”.
  8. We will only have to press that button and wait a few seconds to get the results of the love calculator according to the parameters that it uses to calculate our compatibility.
  9. In the percentage that we get as a result, we will be able to see different qualities of our relationship in different aspects, such as: loyalty, passion, commitment, etc.
  10. We will find at the end of the results a button that will put an expression “Recalculate” or “Recalculate”, so we will return to the beginning of the love calculator to try another combination.
  11. If we want to check more names from other relationships or try the names from our own in a different order, we can do that. Since Internet love calculators are free and we can use them for as many times as we need.

Tips for using a love calculator

Always use the Internet.

Try random names first to see what results you can get.

Read the data that we are asked to prevent us from being faced with a scam.

Use this type of love calculator or compatibility test to achieve greater communication between the couple and, in addition, use it as a topic of conversation that can give you the opportunity to get to know your partner even more.

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