Tricks to Lower the Rule

The period or menstruation is the female period in which the old unfertilized egg is exchanged for a new egg. This period, which usually lasts between 4 and 7 days, is a very painful period for women.

When a woman is not pregnant, the egg must be replaced by another egg destined to be fertilized, that is why the period occurs. Let’s say the reason why the rule exists is that a woman is not pregnant.

That is why women are very scared when their period does not come down, since that can mean that they have become pregnant, something that if you want it can be great but if you do not want it can be fatal.

That your period does not come down does not mean that you are pregnant, since it may be that for various reasons your menstrual cycle has been altered. We already know what happens with this, that the days of tension in which you had to lower your period make you very nervous, especially if you have had unprotected sex that month, since the risk of pregnancy exists even if there has been no ejaculation inside the vagina.

For this reason, many of you seek to bring your menstrual cycle forward a little so that your period definitely decreases, so you can go back to sleep peacefully at least until next month, since that way you will be sure that you are not pregnant, something positive when you do not know wants to be a mother.

In this article from the relationships section I offer you countless tips to make your period go down quickly, that is, to bring forward its menstrual cycle so that you can be calm and return to your normal life, without worries and without having to be aware of the happy menstruation.

What do you need

  • Chamomile infusion.
  • Sage infusion.
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • Rue infusion:
  • A hot water bottle:
  • An aspirin.


  1. Apply heat:
    Many times for whatever reason, the menstrual cycle is stopped, that is, the old egg has not yet been eliminated. One way to get this to happen is by applying heat directly to the area of ​​the female uterus, since in this simple way, we are going to make the rule go ahead. This is because the heat causes the body to expel the egg in question more quickly, which will make the period occur more quickly. The easiest way to apply heat is to use what is called a hot water bag, which consists of a rubber bag that is filled with very hot water. Thanks to the rubber, the temperature of the water is maintained and thus we will ensure that the heat is maintained for longer. Apply the hot water bag to the uterus area for at least 1 hour every day, several times a day (as many times as you can).
  2. Take an infusion of cinnamon:
    Cinnamon has a curious effect on menstruation, being one of the plants related to fertility and one of those that are capable of altering the menstrual cycle of women. To make the most of the properties of cinnamon, what we must do is put a cinnamon stick in a little hot water and drink an infusion with the remaining water (and the remains that the cinnamon has released). Take an infusion of cinnamon every day and you will see how your menstrual cycle changes, that is, it comes a little earlier and occurs a little earlier.
  3. Take an infusion of chamomile:
    As with the aforementioned cinnamon, chamomile is one of the best home remedies that exist to make your period go down sooner. In the health section he had already talked about the healing properties of chamomile, however, he had never talked about its benefits for the female hormonal cycle, being also able to advance it. Along with the infusion of cinnamon, also take an infusion of chamomile, which will be able to bring your menstrual cycle forward a bit and make your period go down a couple of days earlier than your due.
  4. Take an infusion of sage:
    Like the two infusions mentioned above, there is also another plant that is used to improve the menstrual cycle and make your period go down a little earlier than it is supposed to. To take an infusion of sage, buy these bags that come to you in supermarkets and prepare an infusion with hot water. Now you have one more infusion to add to the list of infusions that I am preparing for you so that your period goes down a little earlier. Sage also has healing and respiratory properties, so you will get more side benefits if you take it.
  5. Take an aspirin:
    A very old remedy that works to reduce the period is to take an aspirin. Acetyl salicylic acid is capable of making the period go down sooner; it will also be capable of relieving pre-period pain that you may have. The way you take aspirin depends on your taste, since you have it in practically any format you want. Take an aspirin every night and you will see how your period will go down a little sooner than if you never took it, ending your headaches in the process.
  6. Take vitamins:
    I tell you to take vitamins for a very simple reason, if you do not have enough vitamins in your body, the body will not respond correctly and natural processes such as menstruation will be altered, something that does not suit you because of the fear it entails. His thing would be for you to consume fresh fruit, vegetables and vegetables, however, if you don’t like vegetables, you have the multivitamin mineral complexes to perform that task, since they provide you with all the vitamins you need to function and therefore, so that the menstrual cycle returns to normal.
  7. Relax:
    The bad thing about making love without a condom is that it’s a vicious circle. Since you know you’ve done something wrong, you’re going to be nervous about what might happen and being nervous, your period will take time to come down, which makes you even more nervous. My advice is to try to relax as much as possible, because if you get carried away by your nerves, the cycle will be greatly altered. I have even known cases of girls, who skipped a menstrual cycle because of nerves, so relax and do not think about it, you will have time to worry when it really happens.
  8. Take an infusion of rue:
    This is the last infusion on the list, the infusion of rue. This plant is a little-known plant, but it has a lot of medicinal properties that will undoubtedly help you with this period problem and with many other health problems that you may have. Drink rue tea every day, along with your cinnamon tea, chamomile tea, and sage tea. If you want you can put the four infusions together and drink it like this, although I don’t know how this mixture will taste, but you won’t lose anything by trying it.
  9. Taking the pill:
    The contraceptive pill not only serves to prevent pregnancy, but also serves to regulate the female hormonal system. There are women who need to take the pill because their period is too strong and thanks to the pill they regulate. Taking the pill can advance (or delay) the menstrual cycle, and can also act on some occasions of abortion, that is, it may make you expel the egg before it is fertilized (as if you had taken the morning after pill), although that is already more complicated than it happens.
  10. Exercising:
    Finally and to finish this extensive manual of instructions to get your period down, I am going to recommend something, something free, fun, good for your health, simple to do and free, that is, I am going to recommend that you do exercise. In the case of menstruation, exercise is perfectly capable of making your period go down a little sooner, since exercising increases body temperature, speeds up metabolism and makes us healthier, the three things being advance menstruation. So this is the best time of your life to start running or finally join the gym, since you will also gain in health.


  • What happens if my period does not come down?:
    If after all these tips your period has not come down yet, do not be alarmed yet, this does not mean that you are pregnant, since it is not as easy to get pregnant as it seems. If many families go to IVF clinics because they can’t have a child that means it’s not that easy to get pregnant. You keep calm and follow these steps

    • Be patient. Many times you go crazy and try to get your period to go down even before it is your turn to do so. This is a huge mistake and makes you more nervous and makes things worse. Stay calm until your period is supposed to come, when those days is over, if it hasn’t gone down, you can move on to the next step.
    • Take a pregnancy test: Many times you eat a lot of head, when there is a very simple way to know if you are pregnant, that is, takes a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is a kind of device that is bought and that, through urine, can detect if you are pregnant or not. Try it and this way you will finally get rid of doubts about whether or not you are on tape. Whatever it is, you can no longer change it, so you can rest easy.
  • Abortion: Surely if you are so worried because your period does not come down, you probably do not want to have a baby. First of all, if you are pregnant, think carefully about what you are going to do, since the baby is still a living being that is gestating on top of you. My advice is that you abort if you do not have the capacity to support the child (for example if you are a minor or unemployed), to abort, go to the family planning center and explain your situation. For certain groups of people, abortion is completely free and funded (at least in April 2016 when this was written). That yes, it is an experience that they say marks you forever and also alters your body. If you are one of these pro-life people, try to give the child up for adoption, so you will ensure that it does not die and that it is with another family that can take care of it. If you want to have the child, it is a respectable decision, but keep in mind that you are going to have to sacrifice a lot of things that you used to like, like going out with your friends or spending 400 euros a month on clothes, since a baby requires a lot of money.

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