For some demure women, semen can be a taboo subject. There are people both men and women who think that semen is a waste that man secretes, a waste, an impudent and filthy excretion that must be expelled without being touched or seen, much less ingested.

Some people consider sperm to be really disgusting, almost as disgusting as feces, to the point that many men even feel embarrassed to ejaculate and even more so, to ejaculate inside a woman or in her mouth. The worst thing is that many times even women encourage this rejection of semen.

But this is not so, in real life, simply speaking, semen has a number of amazing health benefits especially when ingested or smeared. Let’s know the benefits of semen.

Of course, this should be avoided 100% when you have an STD of any kind, especially HIV and AIDS, because this virus is highly contagious and if you ingest semen from someone sick with this; it is very possible that the person who ingested it get infected too. For no reason should a person with an STD allow someone else to consume their semen.

Now that we know some precautions, it is time to start reading the article about what are the benefits of semen for women.

What do you need

  • Semen


  1. Smooth, youthful and soft skin. Semen has a high amount of protein and minerals that help keep the skin nourished, soft, hydrated and in good condition. If you smear a bit of your partner’s semen on your face, you may notice after a while that your skin becomes cuter than you’ve ever experienced even with cosmetic creams.
  2. It fills you with energy. Eating semen is a great way to fill your body with energy since semen, being high in protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as some sugars, is ideal for charging energy to those who ingest it. The nutrients in semen are almost comparable to an energy drink or a food supplement for high-performance athletes. If you wish, you can also see this article where we teach you how to improve waiting.
  3. It is antidepressant. Thanks to a New York university, today we know that women who swallow their partners’ semen reduce their symptoms, such as some present in depressive disorders. Similarly, having sex without a condom and allowing ejaculation inside the vagina also raises mood levels. But beware, this should not always be done, in case you do not want to get pregnant, it is better to know how to follow the menstrual cycle and that our partner as well as our state of sexual health is optimal and healthy.
  4. Helps to fall asleep comfortably. If you have trouble sleeping, perhaps performing oral sex on your man will help you fall asleep, since consuming semen also helps you relax and achieve a more pleasant and comfortable sleep for longer.
  5. Helps to have a balanced and stable menstrual cycle. The University of Saskatchewan revealed that allowing semen to enter the female body vaginally and ingested helps control the menstrual cycle, making it more stable.
  6. Relief’s nausea. Ingesting semen during pregnancy also helps reduce nausea caused by pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have nausea very often, you may want to ingest a little semen to relieve these discomforts.
  7. Prevent cancer. Consuming semen reduces the risk of cancer.


  • If you want to ingest semen, take care that it is always from the same person, that it is clean, that it does not have any sexual disease or of any other type, completely healthy and that the semen is white, never ingest yellow, brown, red semen, green or any other color, only white semen can be ingested. Remember that your safety is the most important thing when it comes to wanting to ingest semen.