One of the things you can start with before talking to people is to communicate not through words, but through the language of gestures and the body in general, that is, non-verbal. It can be a way to establish contact with the people you want to interact with, and to see if the signals you send them, they also return them to you, is a good way to find out if they are receptive to being able to start a conversation with them or not.

  • The looks: you can start with them, looking at someone in the eye without being intimidating is important, as it shows truth and self-confidence. If you look at one or more people who are talking, you are implying that you are interested in the topic of the conversation, even if you cast broken glances as you approach little by little, you show the intention of wanting to give your opinion and debate with them.
  • The smile: another way of expressing oneself through gestures is using the face, in this case the smile, a very important gesture that in most cases denotes joy, calm, or approval among many other things. You can use it while you walk around the city and you meet an acquaintance with whom you would like. Make friends, but you have never managed to say more than a greeting, and a “How are you?” You can also use it in regular places of leisure that you usually attend, for example, if you like to go to the bowling alley and you admire a person who is very good at playing, you can throw him the occasional smile showing that you admire his ways of playing, and thus be able to get closer and share a game with her. Smiling is also a very good technique, which can be used to signal to someone that you like them, thus showing them your interest.
  • Other gestures: such as raising the eyebrows while listening to a conversation denotes curiosity about what is being heard, as well as surprise when hearing things that are not expected, but that even increase curiosity about the talk. That is why if you are listening to a close conversation and it is striking, you can take advantage of the fact that one of the participant’s looks at you, to arch your eyebrows at that moment, as a signal.

Tips for talking to people

  1. Having self-confidence, shyness is a barrier that prevents socializing with people, the fear of not knowing what to say, or having no idea about a topic of conversation or perhaps fear of making a fool of yourself in public, makes the person shut up in oneself and prefer to keep quiet and wait for others to come to speak, instead of taking the step and doing it first. That is why it is important to always be clear that no one is superior to anyone, that everyone is imperfect and makes mistakes and that if the people around you really love and respect you, they will always be willing to help you learn to do things the best possible, giving you their support, and not using your inexperience as an offense or using it as humiliation but as a way to improve in every aspect of your life.
  2. Be kind and friendly: you cannot interact with people for the first time, with an air of grandeur or arrogance because that makes them withdraw and try to get away. You always have to try to be kind, have details like saying hello in the morning, whether if you enter a place or if you meet someone, be grateful and always ask for things “please”.

How to take the step to talk to people?

  • Choose someone you find receptive to approach. Pay attention to the details if he looks at you or smiles at you, if he approaches you because he is close to the place where you are, if he is friendly.

You can use this in:

  1. The supermarket perhaps waiting in line to buy bread, you can comment something about a product that you like or that you see that person also consumes.
  2. An acquaintance’s birthday, where you’re not really close friends, is a good place to start a conversation, whether it’s helping to set up the party supplies, or making a funny comment to someone else sitting near you. You.
  3. In a park, if you have a pet and you take it for a walk, you can approach other owners who go out for a walk in the afternoon, you can comment on anecdotes or give some advice, always paying attention to the context and bringing up an appropriate topic of conversation such as For example, if your dog has hobbies similar to the other person’s or they play with the same toys.
  • You can choose someone you already know. It usually happens that there is someone who catches your attention because you think you can share things with them, but you don’t dare to take the step, maybe you work or study with them, or just live near you and you usually coincide with them. One way is; asking her how her day is going, or a comment related to the place where you are, about a routine that you have observed that she does regularly or dedicating a compliment about something you like about her.
  • You can choose someone you don’t know. Be observant and do not be ashamed to talk to people you have not seen before, just try to find the right topic of conversation and behave naturally, do not try to pretend to be someone you are not, because if you start a friendship sooner or later you will show your authentic personality, so it is better to show yourself as you are with your virtues and your defects.
  • Carry out a gradual conversation: as you gain confidence with the person you can tell them more about your private life, do not talk about intimate issues with the first person you come across, you have to test if the person pays attention or is receptive about the things that you tell him, because if you notice that he does not pay attention to you, or he gets bored, you should pause or change the subject. Over time you will see if you connect with her or if you have very opposite ways of being, so a friendship would not be possible.
  • Add more people: one way to meet more people at once is to include them in the conversation to make it more pleasant and relaxed, so by exchanging opinions you can get to know them little by little, and pay attention to their way of behaving and speaking, like this you will be able to discover if they are related to you or not. In addition, the more variety of people, the more varied the topics that can be discussed and the more entertaining the talk can be.
  • Listen carefully: another important key is knowing how to listen well to what the other person is saying and, above all, being respectful, not constantly interrupting them, you can reciprocate what they are telling you with small phrases, or affirmations with your head that show that what you are listening to, you are interested or if you agree with what he is telling you in confidence. When he has finished you can also give your point of view, or perhaps give him some advice if that is what he asked for after chatting with you.