Among all minerals and stones, rose quartz is undoubtedly the mineral of love. Do you want to open up and be predisposed to love? Do you want to attract someone? Here we explain the properties of this precious mineral.

What is rose quartz?

This type of quartz, in its composition, belongs to the group of oxides. It is mainly found in Brazil, South Africa and Madagascar. In Spain there are also deposits. One in Caceres and another somewhere in Galicia.

Rose quartz enhances feelings related to the heart chakra. Having one at home or in your room relaxes the atmosphere and brings peace. Being considered the stone of love makes it a highly appreciated mineral.

This stone channels and balances emotional and sexual relationships. In addition, it helps to eliminate anguish and misunderstanding. Having a rose quartz as an amulet will always be useful to improve your mood and especially improve meditation.

Around the magical properties that it can have, quartz is related to femininity and the goddesses of love. All of them related to sexuality and fertility such as Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite and Venus.

Magical Uses of Rose Quartz

The advantages of this stone are many. To begin with, quartz does develop sensitivity and confidence. Although it is a specific mineral for the attraction of love, it must be taken into account that to love others, you have to love yourself. Rose quartz attracts self-confidence and fuels positivity and strength. In addition, it heals internalized pain, redirects and comforts grief.

In general, it is characterized by developing empathy, sensitivity and promotes happiness.

We must not stop relating it to the signs of the zodiac with which it is related: Taurus and Libra.

Healing uses of rose quartz

As a mineral, it has properties highly appreciated by specialists in crystal therapy. To begin with, it brings warmth and well-being. The use of rose quartz provides inner peace in the first instance.

We must not forget that it is a stone that benefits the heart chakra; therefore, it defends us from all the ailments that affect this organ. Diseases related to blood pressure, circulation and cardiovascular problems. 

In another order of things, it helps with vertigo problems and psychologically it helps us to temper our nerves so as not to exaggerate the problems. It brings bravery, courage and can help us overcome traumatic situations.

It helps to heal the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the problems with the thymus gland, chest problems and lungs. On the skin, it favors the healing of burns and scratches. The relationship of rose quartz with sexuality and love makes the mineral also act in favor of fertility.

In the family sphere, rose quartz is used to mend broken ties and restore harmony as a couple. I was able to avoid resentment and encourage mutual apologies after an argument. 

Turn rose quartz into a talisman of love

There are several rituals to turn quartz into a talisman of love attraction, and always carry it with you.

First of all, it has to be a crescent moon Friday. Wait three hours after dark and fill a bag with red rose petals, orange peel and rose quartz.

Then light a red candle and put a glass of water next to it. In front of the three objects, promise out loud and in a state of concentration that you will create a love relationship based on respect and love.

After that, blow out the candle but leave the bag in the moonlight all night. From that moment on, you will have to wear rose quartz as a talisman for it to work and attract loving energies. 


Rose quartz receives energy and projects it in a positive way. The idea of ​​​​this little attraction ritual is to achieve something good thanks to spiritual energy.

  1. First of all you have to clean the stone so that it absorbs all the energy it can. Do it with water and salt. Preferably soak the rose quartz in the salt water overnight.
  2. Find a place you trust. It helps that you have the greatest possible degree of intimacy and feel shelter and protection. If you can be in a symbolic or personal place better. Relax as much as you can, keep your mind open, blank. Take a bath and breathe easy.
  3. Once in an open and relaxed mental position, we light a red candle and a rose incense stick. It is important to maintain a state of concentration and relaxation. Doing things slowly will help your mind stay focused.
  4. Now we proceed to recharge the rose quartz with that energy of attraction. It is important that we think of a type of person that we want to attract. Never on a specific person. If you think of a specific person you can interfere with his freedom. Always think of a guy.
  5. Hold the rose quartz in your left hand and focus all your energy on the mineral. You have to focus and concentrate and have your mind always thinking about what you want.
  6. If it is difficult for you to visualize, you can try making affirmations of what you want to attract with your energy. Breathe easy. Take a deep breath and hold. Then exhale focusing all your energy into the crystal.
  7. Repeat the affirmation or thought until you feel that all of your energy is held in the rose quartz.
  8. When this is the case, extinguish the red candle and let the incense burn, but do not leave the state of relaxation and reflection.
  9. One thing that can help you is to wrap the quartz in a red cloth and keep it overnight. If you carry the quartz with you, the energy will continue to flow and the person you want may appear soon.
  10. You can wear the quartz in a bracelet, in a necklace and put it under the pillow before sleeping. So the energy of the stone will always be with you.


What do you need

  • rose quartz
  • red candle
  • rose incense


It is important that you do not think of someone in particular. You must desire a type of person, but without a face. If you are not able to stop thinking about someone in particular, it is best not to perform the ritual. Altering people’s free will can later work against you.

Rose quartz is a very useful mineral also to increase self-confidence. Remember, it is important to love and respect each other. The first step to love knows how to love you. If you do not have respect and trust in your actions, the ritual will have no value. Before doing so, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the security that the stone provides by always carrying a rose quartz with you. Perform the ritual when you know what you want.

The ritual not only serves to attract someone, but it can also help fulfill other desires that you have internalized.


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