Many times we women believe that we know everything and that we can do whatever we want with our boyfriends. This is not true, the woman should value and respect her from her boyfriend from her as much as the man his girlfriend from her. Therefore, learning to treat your boyfriend is essential if you really want a stable and lasting relationship.

Today, relationships last very little, and many women change boyfriends like underwear. This is not at all a benefit to any woman’s mental health, apart from being evidence of impending emotional instability. If you still don’t know how to treat a boyfriend, don’t get involved, here we explain it to you in a simple way.

Remember, it is very important that you are aware of what it means to be a couple, which is not the same as being married. We clarify this because women generally want to overload their boyfriends with responsibilities; which do not belong to you yet. Courtship must be experienced as it is: the stage prior to marriage. It is not a semi-marriage, nor a quasi-marriage, a courtship is a courtship and here we explain the limits.

Instructions to treat your boyfriend

  1. The man likes to provide protection. We know that we are in the middle of the 19th century and that women can perfectly protect themselves. The feminine revolution has gone far in the mental stereotype of security and protection in modern women. However, let her feel like she is in control and play defenseless from time to time. This will delight him and satisfy his ego.
  2. Be honest. Showing yourself as you are will avoid many problems in the future. The man likes to pry, tell him things openly; but always with some hidden reserve, the excess of sincerity and details is sometimes not good either.
  3. Treat it with respect. Both men and women deserve respect, you must respect their personality. If he’s an outgoing guy, don’t expect him to be quiet while he’s with you. Accept it as it is and enjoy together. Don’t try to change his personality just because he’s your boyfriend now.
  4. Don’t be jealous. Many women make the mistake of becoming jealous after the first week of dating. They start banning things from their boyfriends and even scolding them. This is not right, the idea of ​​being a couple is to share the time of both, not that your boyfriend gives his time to be with you only. Give him his personal space or you’ll end up suffocating him.
  5. Be tender and loving. Brides should be tender and affectionate with their boyfriends. Retailers and very attentive; don’t just wait for them to be the retailers. You can also give him flowers and chocolates; it doesn’t always have to be him.
  6. Don’t force him to marry. Many times the brides begin to force their boyfriends to marry after they have been together for some time. This is not right, by force nothing works well, manipulation will bring negative consequences.
  7. Establish healthy relationships with your family members. It is important for the courtship to work well that the bride establishes good relationships with the mother of the groom and the rest of the family. Remember that courtship is the prelude to married life; for this reason, starting to live together or share more safely with your relatives will make your boyfriend feel more secure.
  8. Stay sexy. Boyfriends love to see that their girls are always sexy. Unfortunately, when courtships are long, girls tend to neglect their appearance (not to mention after they are married); then this discourages the groom. But if you stay neat and in a good mood, surely your boyfriend is more in love with you every day.
  9. Take care of your health. Many girls neglect the health of their boyfriends, they make them eat chocolate cake every day, they force them to stop going to the gym to accompany them to the supermarket or to walk the dog. This should not be the case; you must take care of your boyfriend’s health and good habits for the love of his life.

What do you need to treat your boyfriend?

  • Lots of love.
  • Patience.
  • Tolerance.
  • Faith.
  • Perseverance.
  • Be detailed and observant.
  •  Don’t be selfish.
  • Respect their personality.
  • Give him his space and his personal time or with friends.
  • be communicative

Tips to treat your boyfriend

Surely you consider that what traditionally differentiate a courtship from a marriage are sexual relations. However, this is not entirely the case. If it is true that from the Catholic perspective reaching marriage in sexual purity is the ideal, and what God approves; but there are many more aspects that it seems that women forget.

Regarding the sexual issue, it is a topic that affects men the most; because it is generally women who avoid sexual contact when they are Christians. However, many men do not value these principles and decide to end the relationship very immaturely. Well, the most important thing is love and respect for the values ​​​​of your partner and not the satisfaction of your desires.

However, in the case of women, the demands regarding the burden of responsibility that they place on the shoulders of their boyfriends can become excessive. Remember that this is about your boyfriend, not your husband. He doesn’t have to bear your college expenses, he doesn’t have to buy you food; nor he be paying for the taxi all the time.

Now, returning to the sexual theme; Whether or not to start a sexual life dating is a very personal decision that must be made as a couple. Respecting your boyfriend’s wishes and principles is good, but remember to respect your own as well. By nature the man will insist on sexual contact, the woman will arrange for it to take place or not, this has been the case for years.


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