Sex is one of the most wonderful things there is and whether you practice it with your partner or with a special friend, you will like to innovate and discover new positions. The Kama sutra offers hundreds of positions and many of them are for having sex on your back. In this way both members of the couple enjoy more intensely: she because the male member enters deeper and because he can touch her clitoris while; and him because he will have unbeatable views of his partner’s butt.


  1. Panda hug in this posture, the man and the woman lie down but the feet of one facing the head of the other and vice versa. When the woman is well stimulated, she places one of her legs below the man’s body and the other above her, inserting his member into her vagina. Both hands are free to continue playing.
  2. Swing. The man lies down, leaning on his arms or elbows and the woman turns her back to him, placing her legs on each side of the man’s body. So the man’s view is the girl’s back and hers is her ass, so he can grab her by the waist and move her as she pleases. Here the woman is in control of herself as she can move inside the man as much as she wants.
  3. The woman is placed on the bed in a vertical position, as if the hands of the clock were 6:00 and he is placed horizontally as if it were 3:00. The man has to have his legs closed between the woman’s and with her member inside her. His views are towards the woman, so he can grab her shoulders and force himself to penetrate her.
  4. The great bridge. This posture requires a lot of elasticity on the part of the woman. This has to get on a stable surface with each foot; it can be two chairs, one for each foot. And being above the man he comes from behind her and penetrates her. The woman here has little mobility, especially to try not to fall, but the pleasure is maximum since her penis enters in its entirety.
  5. The sleeping beauty. The woman is lying on her stomach, as if she were sleeping; the man comes from behind her and penetrates her. Here the man does almost all the work since the woman has the top of the bed; she doesn’t have much mobility either, although he can help her partner with ass movements, both circular and penetrating.
  6. Wheelbarrow. Her woman lays her face down on her bed while she leans on her forearms, now the man grabs her ankles and brings her closer to her body until the woman’s legs are bent. The woman will look towards the bed while she is leaning on it and the man holds the ankles of the lover, taking into account that the girl’s legs have to be very close together to favor her penetration.
  7. It is one of the best known. The woman gets four feet apart, with her ass offered towards the boy. He grabs her partner’s waist and penetrates her while he has her back and butt in front of her.
  8. The man lies on his back on the bed with his legs bent. She does the same but instead of on top of the bed, on top of him. Her feet will rest on his bent knees. The woman directs the movements and both hold hands to feel each other more.
  9. Feet on the ground. Both feet must be on the ground. He penetrates her partner from behind and while he can take advantage of the fact that she has her hands free to stimulate her clitoris and nipples.

Frogs. The man sits on the edge of the bed, resting his feet on the floor. She sits on top of him, but instead of resting her feet on the ground, she rests them on her partner’s knees. So the girl’s position is like that of a frog. The man grabs the woman so that she doesn’t fall and, having his feet on the ground, he can force himself to penetrate her partner with more desire

  1. Tips
  • Don’t be shy about experimenting. At first some of the postures may be difficult for you, but you will end up getting the hang of them.
  • It is important that for the most complicated postures both, but mainly the woman, is sufficiently lubricated. Because some postures require concentration due to their complexity and if you are not lubricated it will cost you twice as much.
  • If you don’t get a position, nothing happens, try again with another or end up doing the military of a lifetime.

What do you need

  • A couple
  • much desire