Each human being is extremely different, and each one is attracted to people who meet a series of requirements, which for them seem to be fundamental, sapiosexual people are no exception, for those who call themselves in this way, get a partner It is something quite complex, because that soul mate that we all seek must be, in essence, very special, but above all things, demonstrate an intelligence that can motivate him. The term sapiosexual is a compound word that refers to sexual attractiveness or eroticism.

That is born in a person, when meeting another of great intelligence, that is, for sapiosexuals, the physical and other traits, are perhaps important, but not essential to define their partner, for them it is essential to be able to find someone who Provide or facilitate them to engage in lasting conversations and above all things of great interest to both. When many women would melt at the sight of a well-endowed man in clothes, for sapiosexuals, it would motivate them even more if this is interesting, use good language, and he loves to learn and experience new things, this would be for them, totally irresistible, for men, the same thing happens, those women with deep necklines, they may turn to look at them, but they will not be a challenge for him, because those who It really motivates and excites them, it is meeting a woman who at first glance is interesting, and who is not easy to conquer.

In general, the sapiosexual, is excited, eroticized and deluded, for those who show an intellectual preparation, for them, the brain, is the most attractive organ, perhaps in this new definition, the answer to all those couples that once we have seen, and we have cataloged as uneven, how many have not asked themselves, after meeting the partner of a family member, friend or acquaintance, what has he seen? Well, here you can find the answer, in short, what he has seen is his intellect. We are used to men looking for a physically perfect woman, and some even consider that the less intelligent the better, this especially happens with macho men, who need to feel superior at all times, but women are not the exception either, the stereotype. The perfect man is stocky, with a beautiful face, a charming smile, and beautiful eyes, but that is changing, more and more people are breaking these stereotypes, and transcending barriers in search of their perfect partner, they focus on things more lasting, because in short, the physique changes, the money runs out, but intelligence is something that always increases, and that our whole life will be latent.

But society is always afraid of what is different, that is why criticism has not been long in coming for those who call themselves sapiosexual, selfish, classist, narcissist, they are called in many ways, but, I repeat to the point with which I started, all we are different, why should we fear the new, everyone is free to choose how and with whom they want to live, and if it does not affect you in any way, because you have to interfere, we must learn to be happy, but to achieve it, we have to understand, that even the one who seems so strange to me, is a human being, with whom I must live.

There are a variety of signs that can tell you if you have sapiosexual tendencies, for example, some sociologists and psychologists consider that this begins to be defined during adolescence, an example of this would be adolescents who are not attracted to those classmates with early development and therefore of great physique, but on the contrary, he can get excited about some teacher who in all aspects seems very intelligent, interesting. With women, the example of those who seek or fall in love with older men is raised, because they consider that young people their age are not mature enough to be able to interest them. Sapiosexuality is apparently more common in women., due to the fact that men are sometimes more superficial, or a little more visual, that is, what they see at first sight appeals to them, not what they can later discover, while some women focus more in important aspects, such as the preparation of that man who attracts them, the language he uses, and even the type of reading he does. However, this is a general assessment, which is not always fully met, and depending on the person, it may vary.

If you are a little more interested in the subject, I am going to give you indications of how to recognize a sapiosexual, focusing on women, so below I present the characteristics that they can demonstrate, I even help you to be able to identify to recognize a true sapiosexual, because there are many people who consider that being sapiosexual, they can find better couples, but they definitely can’t be, that’s why they try to pretend it.

What do you need for what is the meaning of sapiosexual?

  • being a man

Instructions for what is the meaning of sapiosexual

  1. In the first place, as is logical, a sapiosexual will attract more attention to men who know how to demonstrate their intellectuality, through a great educational or work performance.
  2. Elegance and neatness for these women are also very important, they are definitely fascinated by that man who is not necessarily beautiful, but who knows how to wear a good suit, and who has an incomparable style.
  3. Education and perhaps a bit of romanticism, may interest you, that man who knows how to compliment her, but with a consistent language, without a doubt that woman will fall in love.
  4. With regard to the appropriate language, this is very important, it is not that the man must use an elaborate language so that a sapiosexual woman is interested in him, on the contrary, he must demonstrate that the language he uses must be fluent, but formal, that shows his true preparation and intelligence.
  5. For sapiosexual women, what turns them on the most is a man with casual but ultimately very interesting topics of conversation. It is the first trigger for them to turn to see you that you have a repertoire of conversation topics that you dominate, that both understand and that are of interest.
  6. Intelligence is synonymous with success, that’s why sapiosexuals are usually fascinated by men with outlined goals; they will not settle for just anyone, they will always look for the one who is not afraid to take risks, because they will obtain better results.
  7. In short, these women are looking for a man who may not be very attractive, but who knows how to conquer her with simple language, but who demonstrates education, with his class and elegance, with some romanticism, with good goals, and who represents to challenge. Intellectual, that is to say, that in the conversations they start, both unfold so that together they can enjoy it.

True sapiosexual vs. sapiosexual of appearance.

  1. You do not need to show that you master difficult words, but from a distance you realize that they are far-fetched, true sapiosexuals, easily strike up a conversation, that everyone understands and that most are excited and interested.
  2. Whoever wants to appear to be sapiosexual, or draw the interest of those who are, tries to quote phrases from writers who, according to the research they previously carried out, are famous, but surely, many of these strawberries will not be able to understand.
  3. He focuses more on the physical, he pretends to be sapiosexual to be more interesting, but in reality, what he is looking for is to have a good time, someone with whom he can have fun.
  4. A true sapiosexual feels great motivation to expand his learning, he is different, risky, while the sapiosexual of appearance is conformist, has no goals, and rarely takes risks.
  5. Keep these aspects in mind, and don’t get confused, sapiosexuality has become a fashion, so who really is, you should be able to distinguish.

Tips for what is the meaning of sapiosexual

  1. If you do not consider yourself sapiosexual, avoid judging those who do, understand that the nature of the human being is to be different, in tastes, desires, and goals, we must definitely understand those, and with our equals manage to live together.
  2. Both sapiosexual women and men are not exempt from being attracted by the physical, but the characteristics manage to generalize them, it is very possible that the path you can find someone who both physical and intelligence are essential for their couple to be able to choose.
  3. Sapiosexuals are not arrogant and narcissistic, but perhaps some with this characteristic will manage to achieve it, but do not generalize, there are few cases, but studies show that some are so extremist that they even hate people whose qualities or expectations do not meet cover.
  4. Some experts consider that being a sapiosexual gives you greater chances of achieving stability in the love field, since you are with people who focus on various goals, which are not banal or superficial; therefore, they are usually based on really important things. To choose a partner, therefore, these relationships are usually more stable.