Sex is one of the most pleasurable things in life and the more you experience it, the better. In the Kama sutra there are many positions and some of them dedicate time to those who want to have sex on the side. Although they are positions on the side and many times the penetration is done from behind, it does not mean that the sex is anal. That will be decided by the couple since all positions allow anal and vaginal penetration from behind.


  1. It is the preferred position to sleep as a couple, at least for them, why not be it also in sex. The woman lies on her side on her bed and the man approaches her to hug her and then penetrates her from behind her back. Since the man has at least one of his hands free, he can use it to stimulate his partner’s nipples.
  2. The woman is placed on her side and the man too, but instead of leaning fully on the bed, she leaves half her body raised. He grabs her partner’s ass and penetrates her from behind. He, half raised, looks at the woman and she turns her head to see her man. Thus, both paste to perfection as if it were a mold.
  3. Eagle. The man lies on his side with his legs stretched out; the woman does the same by passing one leg under the man’s body and the other above. Instead of stretching them out, she draws her legs in and leaves them at the height of her partner’s hips and thus the penetration begins.
  4. Eagle from behind. It is the same as the previous position but instead of both looking at each other, one of them turns around and looks at his partner’s neck, in this way he can take the opportunity to cuddle his neck.
  5. The boys aside. The woman lies face down on the bed and the man penetrates her from behind but from one of her sides.
  6. Carnal crossing. The man is placed on his side in bed simulating 6:00 o’clock and the woman is placed on her side as if it were 3:00. The man has the woman’s back in front of her, and she has to cross her legs, one above her and one below her, from the man’s hip. He will grab her by the neck and they will both start to move.
  7. The woman is placed on her back and turned to one side on the bed and with her knees bent and brought closer to her chest. The man grabs the woman’s knees so that she doesn’t get tired and penetrates her while he is kneeling on the bed.
  8. The man lies on his side on the bed. The woman lies perpendicular to him so that her views are her ceiling and his are her partner’s. She makes her partner’s penis enter her vagina and with his free hand he can either stimulate her girl’s clitoris, her nipples or help her with movement, since from her position it’s more complicated.
  9. The woman lies on her back on her bed; he kneels before her and raises her legs laterally. He then penetrates her from the side of her. He will have one hand free from her and her two, to do magic while they both continue to enjoy it.
  10. Dragon-fly. They both lie face down, she on the bed and he on her partner. He, as he is on top, grabs his partner by the hip, raising one of his sides, so that the man will be on top of him and the woman’s body displaced to one side. The man grabs her partner on the chosen side of the hip and begins to penetrate her by forcefully using her buttocks.


  • If any of the postures do not work out for you, do not worry. Keep trying as some are a bit more complex and more practice is needed.
  • It is important that both, especially women, are lubricated, because there are some positions that are more complex and if the lubrication is not adequate, as access to the sexual members is more difficult, penetration will be more complex.
  • If you see that the postures do not work out for you, you can return to the ones you always did, although a little play and change never hurts.
  • Buy a sexual dice and let destiny choose the position you have to have. Thus neither will take action on the matter and a certain curiosity will be created to see who of the two takes control over the other.
  • Don’t be shy about experimenting. At first some of the postures may be difficult for you, but you will end up getting the hang of them.

What do you need

  • A couple
  • much desire