How to Understand Men

For a woman there is nothing more exasperating than trying to understand men, especially when the man being talked about is her own partner.

Trying to understand a father can be very difficult but it is temporary because at some point we will become independent from him, trying to understand a child takes time but as we try from the moment he was born we can adapt to his way of being and even, somehow, molding it. Trying to understand a friend, a coworker is also simple because if we really see that we can’t with him we take vacations, we spend the conversation for another day and that’s it! Understanding men is not easy, even though they maintain that understanding us is worse.

But if it is the man we have chosen to live with him, as a couple and, I would dare to say, “Forever” that is a problem. Understanding or trying to understand a man is not an easy task. There is no manual to achieve this, but at least there is advice that women can give each other and contribute to the female gender.

If your goal is to conquer a man and for that reason you want to understand it first, we advise you to read this article that will teach you how to conquer a man.

We will try to find the best advice so that you can and know how to understand men and thus make your relationship better, so that problems do not overwhelm you, attitudes that you cannot stand and avoid star plates and glasses against the wall.

What do you need to understand men?

  • Be smart and suspicious.
  • Control your attitudes and measure your words
  • have a lot of patience

Instructions to understand men

  1. One of the inconveniences that arise in the relationship is when the man does not accept that the woman is independent in work and economically, that she is successful in what she does and likes, that she has a social life that takes her away from the dishes, the kitchen and the washed and ironed clothes.
  2. And this is not strange because since its origins, women have always been at the service of the home, housework, raising children and dedicated attention to their husbands who came home from work tired, hungry and wanting not to have any problems. The good wife, then, had everything ready: dinner, clean clothes, and the children already in bed, arranged so that the husband feels better, ready to have sex if he requires it because it was also one of the “obligations” of the woman. But all that changed today.
  3. Today’s woman goes out to work as much or more than her husband and does the housework as best she can, takes care of the children, takes them to school, to play sports, etc. And the man often does not feel good about this: he wants his wife to spend more time at home, not to go out with her friends or co-workers, not to buy cooked food but to make everything homemade, but at the same time he is happy because she buys her own clothes, pays for many of the children’s activities and doesn’t ask for money at all. Who understand them!
  4. On the other hand, there are the men who remain attached to their families, like the spoiled one of the house and do not take charge of the responsibilities they have when they leave their home and form another.
  5. Some tips to counteract this burden that men of this type dump on us are:
  6. From time to time, give them the little treats they want, keep them happy: does they like a homemade meal like the one their mother prepared for them? Well search the Internet, if you are not very skilled in the kitchen, choose a good recipe and get to work, dazzle him with a homemade dinner, well served and romantic if possible. Buy him a good wine. Let him feel that you really care about him. This positive effect will last for several days.
  7. Praise his work; encourage him to keep going, to improve himself day by day so he won’t be able to do the opposite with you. If you value his work from him, he should do the same.
  8. There are men who need a push to start facing some important problems or decisions. You must do this part but with the necessary discretion so that he does not feel bad, that he does not feel that he depends on you. He must feel that it is a job for two that together they decide, that together they fight against the problem that affects them. It’s not you who takes the helm of the ship, it’s him, but with your help (at least that’s what he must understand).

Tips for understanding men

  • Take good care of the insecure man; if his self-esteem is low, something typical of insecurity, he will surely distrust you checking your things, he will always be afraid that you will leave him for someone else.
  • Take a good look at how he is, learn to know him and then understand him.

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