One of the great taboos (among others) of yesterday and today continues to be menstruation versus sexual intercourse.

There are still women, and also women, who do not feel like having sex while women are on their period because of what that means. In each case, it could be for a specific reason: men because of rejection, disgust, not knowing what to do…women, also because of disgust, pain, discomfort, possible pain, embarrassment, etc. Therefore, in these situations, knowing what to do and demystify these taboos is the first thing to do and more, in the 21st century.


  1. For many couples, having sex during menstruation is somewhat annoying and/or embarrassing. It is not because of what they can feel, but in most cases, due to ignorance, they do not know very well what to do, how to do it, if it will hurt, if they will bleed a lot, if it smells, if it stains a lot, if it feels the same, etc.
  2. The main problem lies in the taboos. In shame. In not talking about things or “fears” or shame, with the couple.
  3. To begin with, we must bear in mind that this topic is very particular. Of course, it is a very personal matter. Not all couples are the same. There are those who do not care that their partner has menstruation. Others, in which the man is not exactly inclined to have sexual relations with his partner while she is having her period because he disgusts them or “something”. And of course, there are also the cases, where in the couple the man has no problem but the woman does. They because of discomfort, embarrassment or pain/inconvenience, they don’t want to. Therefore, couples cannot be compared because some may have more sex these days and others between little and/or not at all.
  4. You have to take into account and never compare, because each woman in this aspect (as well as men) are a world. In other words, by this we mean that not all women are the same and that must be respected. The same thing happens not only with your tastes, but also on a physiological level. Not all women wear it the same (and no, they are not excuses).
  5. If your partner in the middle of the sexual act, while he is having his period, tells you that it hurts, you notice that he is more sensitive, he does not like the same thing, he prefers sex with more gentleness or even, it turns out that it is the opposite, and just when he is with menstruation, she has more desire for sex, she feels more like having sex, etc. No, nothing’s wrong with him. She’s not weird and she doesn’t make excuses if it hurts or she doesn’t feel like it. Because each woman as we have said, she is a world. And many of them either feel like sex more or become more sexual (hormonal issue) or it’s the opposite.
  6. Keep in mind that many women when their menstruation comes can have a really bad time. So much so that in some cases, they even have to take medication for the pain or they have so much menstruation that they have to rest. Therefore, for all girls the rule is not the same. You have to respect it and they are not excuses if they don’t feel like it or they tell you it hurts. Because some find it very annoying and even painful and others, it doesn’t hurt at all or even, later they are more relaxed and it hurts less…
  7. Having said that, each woman and each couple, therefore, will be different. Not to mention, what every man may think…there are, who don’t care at all. Others do not like it very much and are somewhat scrupulous and there are those who directly prefer to abstain when their partner has menstruation. All of course is respectable.
  8. In this regard, there are many subtopics to be discussed. You can comment on what it is for women, what they can feel, possible aches and pains, embarrassment, the benefits it can also bring (and no, I’m not kidding). There are also couples who think that having sex while the woman is on her period can have more problems than benefits and this, in the end, is just beliefs for whatever reason. Because no, it is not true. In fact, it could be said that it is quite the opposite. We comment on some of the positive points they may have:
  9. Mentioning in advance that eye, it is not in a general way or for all women, that each one can have their own symptoms, pains, discomforts and others. Therefore, it is generalized. In that case:
  10. For some women, having sex during their period helps them have less cramping. It is no excuse, no invention. In fact, even the doctors say so. It is because having sex serves them or can help to be like a painkiller. This is because the hormones that are being lost at that time act as a natural calming agent and possible menstrual pains become lighter and/or disappear.
  11. Other women also notice that when having sex, the area of ​​the breasts and the area of ​​​​the belly and / or abdomen, they deflate a little. Of course, not all women feel the same way. But in general, when women have their period, the breast area and the belly area always swell a little. In each body and case it can be more or less visible. In some cases, some women can even gain three kilos of weight.
  12. Orgasm usually occurs almost always. (As in everything, it’s a world) but right now, since the woman is much more sensitive, she can reach orgasm more easily. She is more sensitive, she feels more, the skin is much more sensitive and the contact feels much more. It can also help the fact that when you have your period, vaginal penetration can be deeper.
  13. That said, when it comes to vaginal penetration, lubrication is more favorable. In this case, above all, it occurs in cases where women have vaginal dryness and use lubricants on a daily basis.
  14. If sometimes, while you have your period and have sexual intercourse, your period stops a few days or even the next day, it is not for anything serious or anything where you have to worry. In fact, there are times (not always and not because) the duration of the rule is usually cut. It’s not a bad thing. It can happen to some women due to the fact that having sex and having contractions in the uterus can expel more blood and after sexual intercourse, then bleed less.
  15. It is essential not to make cases of false myths or stories that are not. Above all, we must always keep in mind that the rule is not for nothing, any type of contraceptive. And obviously, although luckily it is already a known issue, there are still people who think that when women have menstruation, she cannot get pregnant. Of course, this is false. Yes, there may be a risk of pregnancy, so continue taking precautions if you do not want scares or pregnancies.
  16. It is also more serious and you have to take it into account, it is that you have to protect yourself. Both she, and him, of possible sexual transmission. And more, if you take into account that when you have sexual intercourse with your period, there is blood or they can be stained and therefore, it is more possible that you can get infected. If the couple is in a serious and stable relationship, knowing and getting to know each other, it is not so important that condoms have to be used (we mean that others can be used, not that none be used if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy ) but if it is a sporadic relationship, etc. The condom is the most indicated.
  17. Of course, there are positions that can be more or less annoying for women these days, although as we have already said, it depends a lot on the woman. There are women who find it painful and prefer not to have sex these days or some who, due to pain, discomfort and bleeding, find it impossible to practice it. In these cases, it is best to rest and wait for the days to pass. In case it is not so serious, if there are postures that may be more comfortable for them.
  18. For example, we could say the usual classic, the missionary. In this position, she will find it more comfortable and will stain less from the position and may find it much less bothersome. It is also one of the positions where you can have less bleeding. Another, also one of the best known, such as that of the puppy, in its multiple variables (it also depends a bit on the day it is) or the famous one of trying to do it in the shower. And we say “try” because it will depend on the space that each one has. If you can practice it, great. Of course, it is the most hygienic.
  19. In any case, it all depends on what you both want that you are comfortable and of course, you take into account certain hygiene tips.
  20. As for sex, if you decide to practice it lying down, don’t forget to cover the area to avoid stains. This is important.
  21. But it is even more important that she maintains a minimum of care in her hygiene. We refer, of course, to cleaning.
  22. In these cases, the important thing is to wash the vaginal area. Bearing in mind that she is having her period and, after all, it is still blood… for this reason, it is very important to wash. A shower or clean up would be appropriate. But if you can’t, it would also be fine to wash with a sanitary napkin. You also have to think about your partner (not just yourself) therefore, you will avoid possible bad odors, blood, clean the vagina, etc. In relationships, always use a towel or something to avoid staining where you have sex. And then have some cloth, towel, handkerchief, etc. to clean yourself after having sex. The adequate and the most convenient thing would be to be able to shower and wash you well. Because you and your partner can stain yourself with blood. You must take that into account.

What do you need

  • A towel, a cloth, handkerchiefs, a sheet, etc. Something not to stain when having sex.
  • Condom to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Wet sanitary towels for after sexual intercourse or something to clean you (both you and your partner).


Do not forget that in the end, having sex when the woman has her period is neither better nor worse. And that each woman is a world. There is no need to compare them because for many, when their period comes, it becomes very painful and annoying, due to colic, pain, bleeding, etc. And it is impossible for them to have sex. Therefore, they must be respected, because even masturbation causes them discomfort.