When having sex, many men have doubts about whether the woman they are having sex with is really experiencing pleasure or if she is faking it. If you are looking for how to know if a woman is faking an orgasm when having sex, there are different physical signs that can help you find out, as well as other indicators that we will refer to throughout this article.


A woman can get to enjoy a real pleasure in the vast majority of occasions, but there are times when they fake an orgasm to make the man satisfied. That is, a woman can moan before and after orgasm, as well as during it voluntarily. However, sometimes they do it to speed up their partner’s orgasm or increase their self-esteem.

Physical signs to know if a woman’s orgasm is real

There are some physical signs that can show you that a woman is really enjoying having sex and that she is not faking an orgasm. Some of them are the following:

  • A woman who is aroused actually increases her body temperature and her heart rate, which can tell you if the orgasm is faked or not.
  • In the event that it is a stable couple, you may notice much more details. It is key that you approach your partner if you notice that he is faking it and you can even ask if he is feeling pleasure with sex so that he feels that he can talk about it with confidence. In this way, you will know how to improve sex.
  • You should pay attention to the lubrication of the genitals. During a woman’s orgasm, the lubrication of these tends to increase, so this is a physical indication that allows you to know if the woman is excited.
  • Be aware of their “disconnection”. Women feel orgasm as a small disconnection that leaves them “breathless”. Look at this detail to know if he has achieved it or not.
  • Pay attention to moans. The cry of pleasure of an orgasm comes from the abdomen and there are even sounds that can be very slight and that gradually become more intense. The moans do not come out of the throat and if a woman screams excessively it may even be due to pain.
  • The clitoris increases in size. When a woman becomes aroused, her clitoris increases in size, but when orgasm occurs the clitoris retracts at the same time the vagina contracts, as in mild spasms. This sensation of contraction can be felt by the man on penetration.
  • During orgasm, the woman may contract from the sensation of pleasure. You can notice this by squeezing your legs or squirming a bit to feel more pleasure. In some cases, she even has involuntary eye movements.
  • Other common signs that occur during orgasms are increased vaginal warmth, hardening of the breasts, and faster breathing. In addition, the face and chest may become red.

How to know if a woman is faking in bed

Taking into account all of the above, you should know that if you do not notice any of these symptoms in the woman you are having sex with and she screams, she is probably faking an orgasm.

The best thing in these cases, if it is a person who is your partner or with whom you have a lot of trust, is to ask him directly, since sex should be something that both people enjoy and not just one. If she can’t reach orgasm through penetration, it’s always possible to resort to other methods, such as oral sex or masturbation.

In any case, if you do not dare to ask him, in addition to taking into account the previous symptoms that would indicate if he is having an orgasm, there are indications that can lead you to think that it is not so:

  • Exaggeration in moaning or breathing. There are usually women who exaggerate moaning or breathing in order to arouse their partner or to speed up the sexual rhythm, in many cases it is very evident that they are doing so. If you have had sex and have known the way other women react when they have truly had an orgasm, it will be easier for you to identify it.
  • The way and the intensity with which those moans are emitted is what can give away a woman who is faking.
  • Another of the signs that may indicate that the orgasm has been faked is the post-coital attitude. IF during the sexual act you have not noticed, you should know that his position can tell you if he has acted or really enjoyed. Sweating or energy after sex is key elements that can tell you if he has really reached orgasm.